Frequently Asked Questions


  • I can't find someone's grave on the list; does that mean the person isn't buried in the cemetery?

    Not necessarily. We are still updating all the information. If you believe our records are wrong, please let us know. Perhaps you have information that we do not have.

  • What information do I need to find someone on your list?

    Our list is primarily alphabetical; however, we can also search by date of death and, in some cases, by parents' names. Of course, if you could provide us with the person's family name and given names, possible date of death and the reason why you believe that person might be buried in Belton are all helpful pieces of information.

  • Where is the cemetery located?

    The Belton Cemetery is on the north side of Cambridge Road, just west of South Scott Avenue on the south side of the original town of Belton. It is just south of the Belton Middle School. There is an entrance on South Scott Avenue on the east side of the cemetery and three entrances off Cambridge Road on the south side.

  • What decorations can I put on a grave?

    To maintain the safety of visitors and to keep maintenance costs down, the Belton Cemetery has a few rules regarding grave decorations. These rules are listed on this website on the "About Us" page. In general, nothing should be placed on or around graves that would prevent the gardeners from mowing and trimming the grass. This applies to all graves as it would be prohibitively expensive to hire staff to accommodate any exceptions.

    However, for Memorial Day weekend and two weeks afterward, the cemetery does allow larger bouquets, wreaths and other temporary ornaments to be placed on grave sites. Warning, two weeks after Memorial Day, these decorations will be removed to prepare for summer maintenance and the cemetery is not responsible for returning these decorations to owners. Please collect them before the end of the two weeks.

  • How can I make a donation to the Belton Cemetery?

    The Belton Cemetery is a not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Donations are accepted at anytime and are used to help finance the general upkeep of the cemetery. However, donations can also be designated for a special project, such as the Armed Services Memorial, which was paid for by donations in 2010. Donations can be made to Belton Cemetery Association by sending a check to P.O. Box 886, Belton, MO 64012. The association members are honored to accept all donations.

  • What services does the Belton Cemetery offer?

    The Belton Cemetery Association sells burial plots and maintains the Belton Cemetery.  The association works closely with area funeral homes to arrange graveside services, but the cemetery does not have a chapel or other facilities for services indoors at the cemetery. Gravesite services should be planned through the funeral home. Although the association maintains the grounds, including general lawn service, it doesn't repair headstones. However, the association does work closely with local monument companies and can direct you to one of them if needed. Please note that in some cases of severe damage due to weather, your homeowner's insurance policy might cover repair expenses.